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You are what you think.

Thinking positive thoughts every day will allow you to live a more positive life. It’s easy to be overcome by negative thoughts and experiences, and it’s important to create a positive dialogue with yourself to get you through those tough times. The longer you practice this habit, the easier it becomes to stop negative thoughts at an early stage.

Choose a subject that you want to work on, and read the affirmation out loud every day. For best effect, repeat the process for a couple of weeks.

I Am Committed To Caring For Myself
I know that when I take care of myself, I make my whole life better. Properly caring for me gives me the passion and energy to live life to its...
I Have The Power To Control My Thoughts
I create my thoughts and can control my mind to think what I like. I can choose to think about anything I desire. My thoughts are under my control to...
I Am Sensitive And Patient
I am naturally a sensitive person. I am highly aware of my surroundings. I am highly perceptive and notice the details of life. I notice things that others fail to...
I Appreciate My Ability To Remain Calm During Turbulent Times
The world presents turbulence, but my mind remains calm. I keep my composure because I understand the universe presents challenges to everyone. I understand confrontations and arguments are part of...
I Choose To Be Positive Each Day
Waking up in the morning, I smile. Although I may be sleepy, I take a few minutes to get my mind ready for the day. I reflect on the coming...
I Know How To Get The Most From My Life
Life is rich and has much to offer. There is love and joy all around me. I tap into that love, which gives me strength. Each day, my life improves. ...
Demonstrating Self-Reliance Increases My Confidence
Life is a fascinating mix of exhilaration, joy, and fear of the unknown. I am sometimes unsure of what is around the next corner. So, I realize I must strive...
I Follow My Brightest Star
I love to look up to see the brightest star in the sky. There is something magical and majestic about it. I look up with awe and wonder. Just seeing...

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