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I Choose To Be Positive Each Day

Waking up in the morning, I smile. Although I may be sleepy, I take a few minutes to get my mind ready for the day. I reflect on the coming day, the people to meet, the places to go, and the work to do. Although I have much to accomplish, I expect my day to go well.

I enjoy being optimistic. 

I look at the multitude of choices I am offered. To a certain extent, I can do what I choose to do, think what I choose to think, and feel how I choose to feel. I make a decision the first moment I awake. I choose to be positive today.

My personal power is amazing because the attitude I choose to have when approaching my day largely determines how the day goes.

When others see that I am upbeat, they often choose to follow suit. A special sense of pride develops in me when I realize that I positively affect others.

The world is filled with choices. I am living amidst exciting possibilities. Some days, my positive nature wanes and I remind myself that I must choose the path that produces the best results.

Today, I know I can best take advantages of the choices before me when I opt for positivity.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Am I mostly positive? If I choose other paths, what are the reasons I choose them?
  2. Whom do I see as my model of a positive person?
  3. What will I do to be even more positive each day?
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