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I Appreciate My Ability To Remain Calm During Turbulent Times

The world presents turbulence, but my mind remains calm. I keep my composure because I understand the universe presents challenges to everyone.

I understand confrontations and arguments are part of life, but I have a strong mind that can handle them. I remind myself that challenges always pass with time and change. 

I maintain a positive outlook on life and keep positive thoughts in my head during chaotic times. 

My attitude is an important part of staying calm in a variety of situations. I have the ability to manage conflict in my life and find answers. I stay grounded, pay attention, and listen to others. I take deep breaths, appreciate my surroundings, and remain serene. 

I value the people in my life, so I calmly work through disagreements with them. I take responsibility for my actions and address issues before they become bigger. 

I am ready to forgive others to release negative energy that affects my composure. Letting go of the negative energy keeps my mind fresh and peaceful. I have inner harmony that lasts beyond the daily frictions. Tranquility is part of my being, so I embrace it. 

Today, I recognize the importance of staying calm during tumultuous times and appreciate my ability to do so. I know I can handle the tests life gives me and come out the other side with a positive benefit. 

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I help others remain calm during turbulent times? 
  2. How can I expand my mind’s ability to stay calm?
  3. What can I do to avoid conflicts that challenge my calmness?
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